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Continental Travelnurse was founded in 2000. We deal only with select clients in the most desired locations.

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Welcome to Continental Travelnurse

Congratulations on connecting with the UK’s premier travel nurse company. Founded in 2000 by Leslie Giltz, Continental Travelnurse combines key professionals drawing upon four decades of experience in travel nursing with friendly, informed young staff.

Continental Travelnurse deals with select clients in the most desirable locations in the UK. Our travel nurses are top-notch, so we only provide them to the best hospitals and medical facilities. With Continental Travelnurse, each assignment is a new contract, so typically once you are on the UK register as an RGN, your contract can be as short and easy as three months.

If you like where you’re staying — and we bet you will — your head nurse will almost always ask you to “extend,” i.e. do another thirteen-week assignment. Just as typically, you will also be asked to “go staff.” Of course, the option is entirely yours.

For those looking for a permanent position, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Continental Travelnurse offers an array of ever-changing choice locations and superb packages for nurses who want to make the UK a long-term destination or their new home. Call us for details.

We’re certain an attractive hourly rate, the choice of a short-term commitment or permanent staff position, up market accommodations and even travel money are enticing enough. But as a Continental Travelnurse employee, you may also receive 28 days paid vacation annually, statutory sick pay, professional indemnity insurance coverage and continuing professional education, among other benefits.

Our office is filled with RNs and industry professionals who assist you with UK registration, offer work and travel advice, introduce you to other employees, host traveler parties, maintain regular contact and vicariously enjoy all your adventures. Call now to discover how easy and fun it is to put your highly valued skills to good use while seeing the world.