The charming town of Redhill is only a half hour train ride to the heart of London (Victoria Station). That means it’s actually quicker to get to central London from Redhill than from many parts of greater London itself!

The bustling commuter town has an active market and gorgeous scenery — the gentle pace of the heartland with a direct link to the nerve center of the United Kingdom. You’ll discover great shopping, annual fairs devoted to aviation and steam, whilst the population consists of many folk who work in greater London but love to come home to the quieter charm of Redhill.


Redhill was the home for everyone from novelist Nick Hornby (“About A Boy,” “High Fidelity”) to UK tennis star Anna Smith and even the infamous Aleister Crowley (familiar to fans of the Rolling Stones). Unemployment is virtually nil in this economically thriving home to a number of corporations and families who have discovered an oasis that gives them the best of both worlds: the pleasures of an English village combined with access to central London.