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our-reviews1The reviews are in and they’re great! Our nurses write us wonderful letters and emails about their great housing, work experience and weekend getaways while on the job, on vacation and after they’ve gone back home. Hospitals let us know on the phone and by email how pleased they are with our nurses. Now you can read the testimonials we receive every day. Hear what hospitals and nurses have to say about our terrific team.

Continental Travelnurse is very proud of the high standards we set for our nurses and how they meet and exceed those standards time and time again. We’re also proud of the hospitals and other medical facilities we partner with and the high standards they meet as well.
We only recruit the best and we only work with the best. But sometimes we take for granted how often nurses thank us for their work experience, the homes we find for them to live in during their travel nurse adventures and the lifelong friends they make. Similarly, when a hospital tells us how great a nurse has been, we think, “Of course! We know they’re great. That’s why we recruited them.” So here’s a rundown of some feedback from the people we work with.

NEW: Permanent Positions!

Continental Travelnurse is now placing nurses directly into Permanent Positions in the UK and soon the US!


For many years, Continental Travelnurse has specialized in connecting the best nurses from around the world with the flexibility and freedom of “travel nursing,” short term commitments in the UK for three months at a time. But the truth is that we’ve always been putting great nurses on staff at great hospitals and naturally those hospitals don’t want to let them go. We’ve listened to the growing number of nurses who are searching for permanent positions. We’ve listened to the growing number of hospitals who value the high quality nurses we recruit, see firsthand those nurses excel and never want to see them go. And now placing the best nurses into the best hospitals in permanent positions is a reality! Contact us today for the latest information on this exciting, life-changing opportunity.

Here are some specifics:



Our nurses share their appreciation of Continental Travelnurse

Bob Shafer – Ohio, USA “I tried to find employment in the UK through many adverts in the trade journals, most of them were just ‘come-ons’ to try to get the US nurses to work and travel (within the US) agencies. Continental Travelnurse was the only advert that was for real. Continental helped me to get a real position in the UK. I love working for Continental and have had great assignments, fantastic flat mates, and the pay is good!”

Susan Law – Queensland, Australia “I am very happy with all aspects of your company; accommodation was excellent and made my assignment very comfortable.”

Sarah Leeuwenberg – Hamilton, NZ “Roster and contracts allowed me great flexibility and travel opportunities. You felt like part of the ward staff rather than agency.”

Leah Adams – Florida, USA “I had a blast. Thanks for everything! You guys are great. I hope we get a chance to work together again soon.”

Hannah Ryan – New South Wales, Australia “I was very impressed with the communication in Continental Travelnurse. Often you spend lots of time with other agencies mucking you round and as a result you are forever chasing them. However, I found all the staff at Continental extremely helpful and friendly. This makes such a huge difference – I will definitely recommend you guys to any other nurses heading to the UK.”

Sarah Hall – New Plymouth, New Zealand “It was a wonderful experience made easier by Continental Travelnurse and its support. Knowing you had a job and accommodation was brilliant and a major stress relief.”

Katie Doyle – Western Australia “The support given to me by Continental Travelnurse was excellent, especially around the Christmas period. Staff are very friendly and approachable.”

Beth Hamilton-Crego – USA “I loved every part of my assignment. Everyone was so helpful with the process and getting me moved to the other side of the ‘pond’. My roommate from Australia has become a life long friend that I am still in touch with and planning to visit in Aussie land. The most exciting part was that I met my future husband. Who knew that would happen when I accepted the assignment to work in Scotland! In less than 16 months, I fell in love, got married and moved to Switzerland. Thank you so much for being a part of such a wonderful time of my life!”

Patti Mach – Victoria, Australia “This is my second assignment with Continental Travelnurse I had a wonderful time. I could not wish for anything better.”

Helen Setlogelo – South Africa “I really enjoyed myself and would like to join Continental Travelnurse again in the near future.”

Pamela Miller – Victoria, Australia “Thank you Continental Travelnurse for all the care and support you gave me whilst I was in lovely England.”

Alyex James – Taupo, NZ “I particularly appreciated being met in Edinburgh having accommodation sorted. I found Continental Travelnurse staff friendly, professional and 100% supportive at all times.”

Kellie Duncan – New South Wales, Australia “I liked being in one workplace, instead of moving from hospital to hospital like other agencies.  The company is great. The concept behind it is excellent and should be utilized world-wide. Having the flexibility but with job security is exactly what you need when traveling.”

Kate Leddick – Queensland, Australia “Loved my time here; thanks.”

Tanya Campbell – NZ “Thank you for the ongoing support during my assignment and for the amazing accommodations. You guys have been so awesome and friendly. I will recommend you to any nurses I know, thanks.”

Natalie Bossong – Australia “I will recommend Continental to all of my colleagues — the support and placement of work was excellent. I look forward to being in contact when I move from Oxford.”

Our hospitals/medical clients share their rave reviews of our nurses

“The wards are delighted with the three girls. They’re so professional and a credit to your organization.” –Royal Alexander Hospital, Paisley, Scotland.

travel-tips2“Both Donna and Kelly have been excellent in the Neonatal Unit in Edinburgh. They were both very experienced NICU nurses who just came in and got on with the job. I would recommend them to any other NNU. As you will know Donna has already moved on and Kelly will be leaving us soon. They will both be missed here.” — Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh.

“Anna adapted well to this busy and challenging clinical area. She has a pleasant manner and relates well to her colleagues. She has a very good level of knowledge but will not hesitate to ask questions. She integrated well and was a great asset to the team.” –Western General, Edinburgh.

“Just to say Sarah finishes next week and has been absolutely marvelous. Highly praised by everyone she works with and a model of professionalism, industry and competence. She will be sorely missed.” — Worthing Hospital, Worthing.
“Shani is an outstanding nurse and I felt totally confident in leaving her in charge when I had to leave the ward at times.  She is very experienced in Oncology, haematology and Chemotherapy, outstanding with patients and their families.” — Western General, Edinburgh.

“I cried when Bruce left. He is a fantastic nurse. He is adaptable, flexible and calm. He worked in two different units and adapted well. Bruce has such a pleasant approach. If any future employers require a more in-depth reference, give them my name.” — John Radcliffe, Oxford.

“Kim settled quickly into the ward and although having been out of the clinical environment for some time, she adapted well and in a professional manner.” — Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh.

“Susan is a pleasant nurse who settled in quickly to the ward environment.” — Royal Alexandra, Paisley, Scotland.

“It was sad to see Ann go. She quickly became a valued team member.” — Cheltenham General, Cheltenham.

“Allan was really lovely, incredibly versatile – he even worked around the hospital and in ICU. He was extremely reliable and professional.” – St John’s of Howden, Scotland.

“Laura was a professional well organized nurse, who fitted in well to the nursing team as well as the multi-disciplinary team. I would have no hesitation in re-employing her. She is an asset to the nursing team.” – John Radcliffe, Oxford.

“Jillian was very professional and competent. She adapted easily to a new environment and was always keen to help. She is a great nurse.” – Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh.

“Liz is an all round very good nurse. She has great knowledge and previous experience.” – Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

From a nurse appreciative of our professionalism even after she’d returned home

Just a quick note to say a big thank you for such a prompt response to my request for a record of service. I have worked for so many agencies over the years and Continental Travelnurse sticks in my mind as the best! Prompt and efficient! I continue to recommend your agency to anyone who may be traveling to the UK. Keep up the good work!



From the Matron at Royal Sussex Country Hospital to one of our nurses, LaShawn

I’ve reviewed the budgets and spoken to both Unit managers regarding the recruitment issues we have.  It’s with great relief I confirm that we can re-start your contracts for 13 weeks from the 5th of November.

It has been a pleasure to have you and the team is very pleased with your work and contribution.  It’s refreshing to have a different perspective from the experience you bring with you as international nurses, something I haven’t discussed with you much but hope we can catch up on.

The Unit Managers are very keen to extend and it’s with great pleasure that we can say yes.

From LaShawn to her personal contact at Continental Travelnurse

Hello Jenni,

As I was strolling home from the hospital the other day, I was smiling and thinking of you!  Dennis, Auggie and I are enjoying our stay in Brighton and feel so fortunate to be living at the Marina.  The location is very near shops and work and the marina is a quiet, safe and a very enjoyable place to live.  Many thanks for finding such a place for us!

Next week, Dennis, Auggie and I are going on holiday for a week and Palm’s Properties (Sharon) agreed to check in our dear cat every day while we are gone.  I wanted to let you know how grateful we are to her for helping us during our vacation and thought I’d share with you the kindness given.  We intend to pay her something for helping us out, but again thought it was more than generous of her to offer to help us.

From an official at Arctic Day Care

It has come around again, when I am in need of an excellent Continental Travelnurse [employee].

I am in need of a nurse starting with us on the 13th November.

[Continental Travelnurse recruit] Jennnifer is leaving me at the end of November.

Please can you find me another Continental Travelnurse of her calibre, with maybe an interest of staying with us for at least 4 contracts in a row?

Please can you let me know as soon as you can.

Kind regards.


From two nurses to their personal contact at Continental Travelnurse

Time, certainly, has flown and it has been a great time.

As you mentioned, our contract is until the 9th December. We will leave sometime during the previous week, with our flight booked for the 6th December.

Thanks for your assistance with matters on the homefront. We feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to live in a flat in such a position. Certainly the highlight of our stay here.

Again, thanks.

Louis and Paddy

From one of our nurses, with a humbling reminder of what some do with their vacation

I have some fantastic news! St. Thomas A+E have signed me on for another contract! It is also one that will probably run all the way into May next year. I am so so so happy with the accommodation that I am in. My housemates have turned into my best friends and we travel every week to another country. Continental Travelnurse really has been so great in helping me out and honestly never had an issue at all and just love East Dulwich, which has made my UK experience what it is!

I finish this contract around the 3rd of Dec and restart work 31st Dec. [During December] I will be in Nairobi, Kenya to work with children in orphanages.

An official in critical care at Guy’s & St. Thomas’ offers a performance rating for one of our nurses. it includes “excellent” in every category with this additional feedback

Tom has been an absolute pleasure to work with and has been a highly valued member of the team. He possesses the ability to care for a variety of critically ill patients whilst supporting those working around him and keeping the nurse in charge informed. He has excellent communication skills with patients, relatives and the MDT alike, and is able to lift the mood of the team with great ease. He will be sorely missed and I am very sad that he is moving on. I would have liked to have continued to work with Tom and develop his skills further as he would have made an excellent shift leader. I would not hesitate to re-employ Tom should he want to return!

From one of our nurses after her assignment was over and she had returned home. We touched base to make certain she’d arrived safely

Yes, I am back safely and getting settled in. I just got a nursing job over here and am moving to Orange County soon!

I hope you and the rest of the Continental Travelnurse team know how much I appreciate you!! I would not have been able to be with my now fiance if it wasn’t for your company taking me on board and finding me a job in London. I always felt like I could email/call/show up/talk/etc! It didn’t feel like a big company where I would get lost in the crowd; it felt personal.

I felt like a staff nurse in the hospital and on Victoria Ward the Continental Travelnurse nurses were very respected and treated like a staff nurse every day at work. Those nurses are truly special and work so hard for the patients. My struggling for the first month at the transition was worth the two years of amazing nursing experiences I had while in London!! TOTALLY worth it!! St Thomas’ hospital and the nurses on Victoria Ward will always be in my heart, and Continental Travelnurse especially because you made it possible for me.

Please tell everyone thank you. I am getting married to my handsome “Brit” in two months and we would not be where we are today without Continental Travelnurse Ltd. I hope to one day return. I will always have good things to say and advice to give other nurses so if ever you need someone for a nurse considering your company please send them my way. I have made lifelong friends there. Just wanted to say my THANK YOU as I had not done before. You made these last two years at Continental Travelnurse very enjoyable and frankly very easy!!



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