Continental Travelnurse has obtained both travel assignments and housing in major urban areas, as well as popular rural and suburban destinations across England. Whether you long to be near the bustle of London or the tranquility of the Lake District, we’ve got the home for you!

With a small contribution from you, we provide you with a private bedroom in a typically two and sometimes three bedroom flat or house. We pay the bills — the rent, gas, electric, water, the council tax and even the TV license fee. Since everyone has a mobile phone these days, a landline is not included. If you need it, our staff can talk you through the very simple steps to obtain a cheap and easy pay-as-you-go local mobile phone or SIM card. Message to overseas cell phone users: incoming calls are free, by the way (and don’t count towards your minutes), so staying in touch with family and friends is dirt cheap.
Housing is always provided in a nice and safe neighbourhood as close as possible to the client facility. All of our flats are within easy access to public transport which is safe, clean, and 24 hours a day in most locations.

Call now to discover how easy and fun it is to put your highly valued skills to good use while seeing the world and enjoying our fine accommodations.