Permanent Positions — “Term To Perm”

Continental Travelnurse now offers a Term To Perm programme! For those nurses interested in relocating to the UK on a permanent basis, Term To Perm offers the best of both worlds. You’ll be employed by Continental Travelnurse like always. However, instead of a three month assignment you’ll get a one year assignment. Of course, just as we only work with the best nurses, we only place them at the best hospitals and locations in the UK. After that, if you do a good job — and we know you will — you’ll have the golden opportunity to join the permanent staff at that location. In other words, you’ll be with us for Term and with them for Perm! Even better, instead of being on your own like a regular job, you’ll be partnering with Continental Travelnurse every step of the way. Keep reading to learn all the benefits we offer.

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For many years, Continental Travelnurse has specialized in connecting the best nurses from around the world with the flexibility and freedom of “travel nursing,” short term commitments in the UK for three months at a time.

But the truth is that we’ve always been putting great nurses on staff at great hospitals and naturally those hospitals don’t want to let them go. We’ve listened to the growing number of nurses who are searching for permanent positions. We’ve listened to the growing number of hospitals who value the high quality nurses we recruit, see firsthand those nurses excel and never want to see them go. With Term To Perm, we are now placing the best nurses into the best hospitals in permanent positions.

Here are some specifics for nurses:

*You make a two year commitment to working for Continental Travelnurse

*Openings in London (inner, outer and fringe) as well as choice locations across the UK

*Continental Travelnurse arranges and pays for the work permit

*You receive free travel to the UK, a greeter at the airport and a dedicated recruiter

*You receive subsidized housing or a housing allowance for a minimum of one year

*Continental Travelnurse takes you through every step of applying including:

IELTS — we reimburse you; you must achieve a 7.0 across the board

Computer Based Test — we reimburse you

NMC application — we pay it for you and more.

*You receive 28 paid holiday days a year, free health insurance and more!

It’s an exciting opportunity and ¬†we offer much more than the highlights